easy tarot lessons


Learn the tarot Card Meanings

The easiest way to learn tarot card meanings is to learn the basics first and start practicing. Learn to look into the card instead of looking at it.  Tarot card meanings are given as indications of direction, not as absolutes.  

In “real life” circumstances, things are rarely “black and white,” because there are always variables and outside influences to every situation that need to be considered. In the same way, every card in a spread affects other cards, and is, in turn, affected by at least one other card.

This nudging of meaning guides you to the answers your are looking for. Your psychic insight will “fill in the gaps” between each card that comes up in a spread

The Major Arcana

In order to learn tarot card meanings, you must know the Major Arcana. These tarot cards are the 22 cards that deal with some of the aspects of daily life that seem beyond “mortal control.” 
Click Here to learn more about The Major Arcana

The Minor Arcana ("Pip Suits")

While on your journey to learn tarot card meanings, the minor arcana are the 56 cards that deal with the aspects of daily life. Don't be fooled by the term “minor,” as it is the affairs we attend to daily that shape the whole of our lives. Click Here to learn more about The "minor" Arcana

The Court Cards

For complete information on this card including how to use it to manifest your desires please try out a copy of The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot—EVER!!