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The Empress

The Empress Card is everyone’s mom, in a celestial kind of way, and every mom has a bit of this card in her. This is more than simple empress (power), or queen (status). This card represents that squishy kind of unconditional love that nurtures the soul, warms up the coldest nights, and makes the worst times bearable. Keep reading below to learn *much more* about the various meanings of this card in various circumstances and readings. 

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The Empress Description

Our celestial lady sits comfortably on a cushioned throne. In case you were wondering, this is what “Mother Nature” looks like (at least according to one P.C. Smith). The goddess symbolism of this card is unmistakable, from her Venusian throne (with extra-cushy pillows!) to the wheat (sacred to Demeter, mother of Persephone; see The High Priestess), the crown of stars, more pomegranates .

Her presence brings life to all. Trees are alive with leaves and fruits, water flows freely, and the sun shines brightly. We will politely ignore the inconsistency of separating her feet from the earth by setting her “throne” on a stone pillar and we ask that you do as well. Not all Tarot art is symbolically correct.

Esoteric Interpretation

The Empress is the prime pregnancy card, and so esoterically it is the prime card of fertility in terms of resources and raw talent. Where The Magician shows us an individual, or a focal point (person or entity, such as a corporation, event, or nation) possessing, or actively working with, resources and talent, The Empress is the "talent pool," or abundant source of resources. 

The Empress card illustrates the raw land, the clay as yet unmolded. She is the energy of the prime material plane, that if misused can lead directly to hedonism, sensualism, indulgence, sloth, and avarice. ALSO NOTE: This is a slow-moving card. This card denotes permanence, and fixed energy that does not like to be changed or challenged. While overall an extremely beneficial card, this energy must be harnessed and persistently applied to productive ends until it is set in habit, or it will devolve into a sense of expectation and assumed privilege. 

Traditional Meaning

Pregnancy. “Congratulations!” Also indicative of mothers if associated with supporting “minor” Arcana cards. See this as the concept of, the energy and actuality of motherhood, rather than any one person in all but rare cases. Identify the person by finding aspecting cards or by opening this card up, after checking the spread against the question asked.

As a verb, this card indicates applied compassion, caring, the act of nurturing, and caretaking. This could just as easily be nursing along a new business venture with great care and love as it could be the act of “taking in a stray.” The emphasis here is the sincere care and attention given by the person behind these kind acts.

As a quality in a person, it speaks most highly: that rare quality of genuine compassion, consideration, grace, beauty (inner and most likely outer, to some extent, as well). 

As a situation, it indicates a happy home life, a time of more than peace. Think more renaissance, where arts and luxuries abound as repression ends. Creativity, free thought, and the free expression of that thought are allowed to blossom.

In every way this is truly a happy card. It is not a beginning (except in the case of a pregnancy), nor an ending. It is a state of being, or a state of affairs for a time, and those times are ripe with food, friends, emotional and physical security.


Some (alleged) “experts” fear discussing matters such as birth (pregnancy) or death, as if by avoiding discussing these fundamental parts of life, they can somehow avoid them perpetually.

We have a more pragmatic point of view: Your clients come to you for advice. If you fail them, you risk your credibility and you may actually injure them. If you see something, say it as politely as you feel you must.

Sidestep and meander conversationally all you like, and even couch what you say in terms of “possibilities” or phraseology such as “perhaps it would be better if you considered this instead” if you feel the need. But do not ever believe that you can attain immortality simply by refusing to see reality exactly as it is.

The Tarot is not “politically correct,” because the tarot reveals the existence of “life” (nature): which is never “politically correct.” Death (card “13”) and Birth (indicated in several cards) are two of the three “guarantees in life.”

If you suspect something “dire,” always verify what you think you see before saying too much; but trouble known is trouble avoided. The Tarot shows possibilities, and sometimes that means it shows only possibilities. Don’t fear “ghosts.”

Traditional Reversed meaning

Lack of support. Alienation, emotional despair, heartlessness, insecurity, instability. “Unpleasant” woman. False loyalties or lack of morals. Adultery or divorce (verify this through aspecting cards). Environmental destruction. Miscarriage (verify before saying anything).

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